Surfing Santa Event Details

When and Where is Surfing Santas Event Located

Surfing Santa Event Details

It is well known that Santa’s favorite pastimes are {in no particular order} Standup Surfing, Longboard Surfing, Shortboard Surfing, Boogieboard Surfing, Body Surfing, Sky Surfing; and, it is well known that Santa likes to use the morning of Christmas Eve { before his big night } to pursue his favorite pastime. Because of this, we want to see you, your family and all of your friends dressed up to surf and celebrate with Santa, here, in Cocoa Beach, Saturday December 24.  The festivities start at 8:00 AM and continue through 1:00PM.


The Surfing Santas gathering is held every year on December 24th. Since Santa has a busy night ahead of him, he always likes to take the morning of Christmas Eve to enjoy his favorite sport, surfing. Over the years, many Santa’s Helpers have joined Santa to make Surfing Santas a community gathering with a charitable cause.


The Surfing Santas event is at 2 Minutemen Causeway, in downtown Cocoa Beach, Florida. The Mayor of Cocoa Beach suggested the downtown area because the are plenty of parking spaces available and multiple restaurants are open to handle the huge crowds. To ensure the safety of the spectators and the actual Surfing Santas, we have the full support of the City of Cocoa Beach including lifeguards with Jet Skis, EMT personnel, the Police and Fire Departments which are all located downtown.