About Surfing Santas

George Trosset, his son, George Jr.,  and two grandkids Anderson and Carter

 Surfing Santas has grown from a small family day in South Cocoa Beach into a local gathering with an international appeal.

On December 24, 2009, George Trosset went Surfing dressed as Santa with his son and daughter in law dressed as Elves. The Florida Today newspaper published a picture on the front page of the Christmas Day newspaper. George’s friends saw the picture and inquired about joining him the following year.

On December 24, 2010, we had 19 Surfing Santas participate. The following year, more people wanted to join the fun at Surfing Santas.

On December 24, 2011 we had 84 Surfing Santas in the water and a few hundred spectators. The following year was exciting for the Surfing Santas. A local skydiving enthusiast, Chuck Jullian, contacted us and asked if he and a few of his sky diving friends could land on the beach dressed in Santa Suits. What a great opportunity! Of course we allowed it.

On December 24, 2012 we had 159 Surfing Santas, 6 Sky Surfing Santas and several hundred spectators. It was a perfect blue sky and sunny 75 degree Florida day. By now the news media had joined us for this unique fun day. In addition to Florida Today and the Orlando Sentinel coverage, we had TV coverage from Fox News, Channel 13 News, ABC And NBC. This coverage added to the crowds for 2013.

On December 24, 2013 we had 210 Surfing Santas and close to 1000 spectators. The weather was cloudy, windy and cold. The Sky Surfing Santas had to cancel their jump. The event had grown so big, we had to find a new location. When we approached the City of Cocoa Beach about moving the event downtown, we were received with open arms. The city not only encouraged us to move downtown, but actually offered to sponsor the gathering.

On December 24, 2014 we had close to 300 Surfing Santas 18 Sky Surfing Santas and over 4000 spectators. Ron Jon Surf Shop offered to underwrite our event. Our friends at Fat Kahuna Resturant served up an all you can eat pancake breakfast and donated the proceeds to the event. A local artist, Keith Coffman, donated our event T Shirt design. Our T Shirt supplier, Florida Funware, gave us the event T Shirts for their cost. The Secrets of Cocoa Beach gift shop, Coconuts on the Beach and Surfinista Cafe all sold our event T Shirts for us. Juice N Java Cafe offered free parking to the Surfing Santas as well.

On December 24, 2016 we had over 600 Surfing Santas and 8000+ Spectators.

The community support was overwhelming, it seemed like everyone we talked to wanted to ride the “Surfing Santa Wave” with us.
A huge Surfing Santas thank you to all who helped out!
As we look forward to December 24, 2017………………

 Who Are The Surfing Santas

Cocoa Beach Surfing Santa Family Day!

“The whole thing started as a beach surfing Santa family day in Cocoa Beach Florida.”  Now it is a very diverse and unique. People from all walks of life and professions join in the holiday spirit to celebrate with Santa, their friends and family and everyone else who comes, to surf the waves and have fun in the sun, on Cocoa Beach!

  • We have Doctors, Lawyers and many other professional people participate.
  • We have men, women boys and girls of all ages.
  • Our oldest Surfing Santas are well into their 60’s.
  • Our youngest Surfing Santas are in Elementary School.
  • We have teen age Surfing Santas and pre teen Surfing Santas.
  • Surfing Santas are not just dressed in Santa Suits.
  • There are Frosty the Snowman Surfing Santas.
  • There are “Rasta” (Jamaican) Surfing Santas.
  • We have Elves, Christmas Trees and Reindeer Surfing Santas.
  • This year I even saw a Batman Surfing Santa!
  • The costumes are as diverse as the people that wear them.
  • The rules for your Surfing Santas costumes are as follows:
  • There are no rules so anything goes! (This is a family event however.)

 Why Do We Do Surfing Santas

Surfing Santas has evolved from a family day at the beach into a local community event with a charitable side.

Since 2014, the Surfing Santas gathering was made possible by the efforts of The Florida Surf Museum and John and Marie Hughes. For the past 4 years, we have supported a local charity, Grind For Life. Grind For Life helps people with cancer. As the event has grown each year, we have been lucky enough to add T Shirt sales to raise money. In 2016 we sold over 2000 T Shirts. The T Shirts sales provide money to put on the event as well as being able to donate the surplus money to Grind For Life and The Florida Surf Museum. The Surfing Santas gathering has raised over $60,000 for our charities.

About Florida Surf Museum

Florida Surf Museum

The Florida Surf Museum preserves and documents the unique history and culture of Florida surfing. Experience the heritage and traditions of the surfing community through events, exhibits and programs.

The Florida Surf Museum (formerly the Cocoa Beach Surf Museum) was founded in 1999, inside a space so small you could barely turn a longboard around. The concept of a surf museum was a relatively new one at the time, but the community quickly latched on to Sean O’Hare’s vision, volunteering and donating much-needed funds.

About Grind For Life

Every dollar donated to Grind for Life has an impact. Our finantial assistance to families suffering from the effects of Cancer is only possible through with your donations, every dollar makes a difference. It’s simple really, your donations effect peoples lives, and that is what Grind for Life is all about, helping people with Cancer!

 When And Where Is The Surfing Santas Event Held

It is well known that Santa’s favorite pastimes are {in no particular order} Standup Surfing, Longboard Surfing, Shortboard Surfing, Boogieboard Surfing, Body Surfing, Sky Surfing; and, it is well known that Santa likes to use the morning of Christmas Eve { before his big night } to pursue his favorite pastime. Because of this, we want to see you, your family and all of your friends dressed up to surf and celebrate with Santa, here, in Cocoa Beach, Sunday December 24.  The festivities start at 8:00 AM and continue through 1:00PM.


 The Surfing Santas gathering is held every year on December 24th. Since Santa has a busy night ahead of him, he always likes to take the morning of Christmas Eve to enjoy his favorite sport, surfing. Over the years, many Santa’s Helpers have joined Santa to make Surfing Santas a community gathering with a charitable cause.



The Surfing Santas event is at 2 Minutemen Causeway, in downtown Cocoa Beach, Florida. The Mayor of Cocoa Beach suggested the downtown area because the are plenty of parking spaces available and multiple restaurants are open to handle the huge crowds. To ensure the safety of the spectators and the actual Surfing Santas, we have the full support of the City of Cocoa Beach including lifeguards with Jet Skis, EMT personnel, the Police and Fire Departments which are all located downtown.